Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Between kids and life I don't have much time to be at the computer and this is my excuse for not updating my blog. Sorry. Here are some new ideas...

This is on a wall at a retirement home. This is the company theme. The framed letters are put directly on the glass with no backing behind them. It turned out really cool. I think it would be neat to put a collage of your favorite family photos in black and white behind the framed letters and put it on a family room wall. (Minus of course the rest of the saying.)

This turned out so sweet. It was taken by my friend on the 10th floor of the Joseph Smith building in Salt Lake looking out over the Salt Lake Temple. We bought another piece of glass and put the lettering and picture on the back glass and then the original glass over the top so that you can still clean and dust the picture. There is nothing behind the glass though- just wall.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I still need to put our family names on the stars and hang them on the nails.
This has really helped with the work load around the house. My kids actually like picking out their jobs and hanging them up.

This was a Christmas gift and hooks were placed at the top of both window panes and miniature frames with kids and grandkids hung in the frames by cute ribbon. It says:
hide in every corner of my house
and I smile every time I stumble upon one

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

These plates are sold at the dollar store during the holidays. They had gold and red also. Super cute for neighbors gifts and inexpensive and quick.
This was an enrichment activity for Relief Society. Makes a great wedding gift and easy to do.

Monday, March 3, 2008


I found these art kits for my kids and personalized it with lettering.

This is a cute chart - sorry it is hard to read in the picture, it says:
Always be honest
Count your blessings
Bear each others burdens
Forgive and forget
Be kind and tender hearted
Comfort one another
Keep you promises
Be proud of each other
Be true to each other
Look after each other
Treat each other
like you treat your friends
but most important...
deeply from the heart


Some of them are hard to read in the picture.
This is a welcome sign. Their last name is Baker and at the bottom it says
"I will love you until the day after eternity"

This makes a great baby room addition. The background name is just cute scrapbook paper and some craft glue. I can email you instructions. EASY!

I loved the wood color on this old barn wood so I used the natural wood instead of having the vinyl lettering on it. Email me for directions.

I cut the lettering and the polka dots and let my eight year old do this one - it's that easy!

My kids love to measure themselves on our 9 foot ruler.
They want to see if that milk really does do their bodies any good!
This is upclose!

WHAT TIME IS IT? My kids are learning to tell time so I
thought this GIANT clock might help.
...again upclose.